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Free Printable - Best Plants for Beginners!

Soooooo, I had the opportunity to collab (a word I've always wanted to use, even though I'm fairly certain this isn't the right place to use it) with the Emily Henderson team this week. I wrote up a bit on houseplants, how to best take care of them, and which ones are fairly foolproof. See the full post here.

But I wanted to provide y'all with quick access to my top ten plant picks, so here you go! It's a free printable, so if you want to carry it in your wallet next to your boyfriend's senior picture like it's 2001, go. for. it. Or you can just have it on hand to reference when you're out on your next plant purchase trip. FREE PRINTABLE: PLANTS FOR BEGINNERS.

Hope this helps, and it leads you down a Google hole of questions like, "what is xylene, anyway?"

Happy planting!



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