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Spoooooky Season!

Y'all. I obviously did not set out to turn my website into a blog. But every once in awhile, I get really excited about something I worked on and the Instagram algorithm leaves me out of EVERYTHING, so to the blog I go. :)

I have one client who *loves* holidays. And while I usually stay in my plant lane, Halloween gives me the opportunity to add a little more to their home.

This year, I couldn't stop thinking about Carlos Amorales' Black Cloud art exhibition. I wish I could turn my own house into that exhibit...but husband vetoed the idea. But when I thought about Halloween, and how everyone usually uses the black bats as wall decor, the butterflies kept coming to the forefront of my mind.

Finished it out with The Gathered Home's faux insect taxidermy, black candles, vintage bottles, and a few bones.

And now my mind is rushing towards next year. For a kid who was never allowed to celebrate Halloween (let's see a show of hands for fall festival at your local church kids!), I'm loving this spooky season.



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