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Outdoor Furniture Time! Save, Spend, Splurge

Good people who love to spend time outside in the spring and summer - THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Outdoor furniture has officially hit retailers, and you may not believe me, but I *promise* you, it will not last long.

I’ve worked with outdoor furniture for ten years, and nothing flies off the shelves faster. Which means it becomes increasingly difficult to put together a cohesive patio area once you’re ready to pull the trigger on Labor Day Weekend. People go *nuts* when they find out the sofa they’ve been dreaming of is backordered for 14 years, or that it’s sold out completely and the retailer is discontinuing the item. Don’t be that nut. (Trust me - a long time ago west elm briefly carried the Bliss Outdoor Sofa and I *still* think about all the lucky ducks that purchased it.)

I've put together a few outdoor items in the SAVE, SPEND, and SPLURGE categories, so anyone can start to think and shop for their ideal outdoor lounge spot. Keep in mind, your outdoor space should match the overall architecture of your home, but also allow you the room to have some fun.

I should put a small disclaimer out there. I love creating beautiful, fun, relaxing spaces outdoors. I will always encourage friends and clients to invest in a piece that will last, rather than a POJ (piece of junk) you’re settling for because of the price point. But, since moving to the country, I’ve also been increasingly convicted about materialism and consumerism. So. If you can thrift, do it. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, yard sales, etc. are all *great* places to give materials a second life.

That being said, let's dig in!


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