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'Tis the Season (to watch your houseplants)

Ahh, winter. Christmas music streaming throughout the house, cozy sweaters and a warmed beverage in front of a crackling fire. And as your dreamy gaze wanders around your low-lit home, everything grinds to a halt when you see your precious houseplants starting to crack and flop.

There's a common idea that houseplants have a different lifecycle than exterior plants. While yes, they should be green year round, their growth season does slow in the winter, and our care should reflect that. So pull back that heavy watering hand, son! And put the fertilizer back on the shelf, lady! And you neglecters of houseplants, rejoice! For your season has come!

Here are a few tips and tricks for keeping your interior greens happy and healthy this holiday season:

1) Keep your plants away from heat sources - such as radiators, fireplaces, and heat vents. This can make the dry air even crispier, and plants long for a bit of humidity in these dry months.

2) Consider moving your plants around your home or office. Mine thrive in our bathroom for two reasons - one, steamy showers give them the humidity they're craving, and two, we have the greatest morning light streaming through our window giving them a healthy dose of energy.

3) Take it easy on watering! Even houseplants can go dormant, meaning they're not putting the same level of energy into growing. So allow your plants to dry out a bit before emptying your watering can.

Happy planting, y'all!



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