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Y'all, it's time. Time for SOUPTEMBER.

When I started UPCOUNTRY, I swore I'd keep it focused on plants and not try to become a lifestyle blog + plant company. I was going to stay in my own, beautiful plant lane. But friends, Covid keeping me away from others for the past year and a half is making me go back on just about everything I've ever said. (Except that I still swear I won't become a lifestyle blogger. I just literally have nowhere else to get folks on board with Souptember.)

SO! Since this will be the second year in a row not being able to celebrate Souptember with friends in person, I thought I'd put out some great soup recipes I'm planning on following with the hope that I can do this alongside some of you virtually.

Behold, the soups! I averaged two a week, in the event your fam can get as souped out as mine can (those turds, amirite?)

image of soup for souptember

Please let me know if you're taking part in Souptember this year! And hit me with any and all of your favorite recipes!



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